From innovation to strategy, to implementation and beyond, Arkitech navigates the tech world on your behalf. Through progressive business solutions and the integration of emerging technologies, we enable clients to make vital improvements in all facets of performance.

The inception of a great company, is rooted in a great idea

Arkitech is an elite team of innovators, engineers, developers, and consultants dedicated to providing outstanding service when it comes to business strategies and technological advancement. With years of leadership experience in high-tech environments and communication-driven enterprises – software companies, ad agencies, wireless carriers, retail industries, IT firms, mobile content providers – our team is equipped to offer reliable, progressive, solutions to companies of all shapes and sizes. This pooled knowledge gives Arkitech a unique, 360° view of the business world from the inside out.


Our goal at Arkitech is to serve as a life-long partner for businesses seeking to evolve and prosper in today's digital age. Our team is dedicated to forging and integrating emerging technologies so that your business is more streamlined, efficient, and profitable than you ever thought possible. We hope to share our vast knowledge in every phase of development and help your company understand how cutting-edge tech applications can simplify your business practices, open up new avenues for advertising, and increase your exposure as a vital brand in today's marketplace.

Every product is simply a conglomeration of many ideas

Our team can forge new products on your behalf, or integrate your services with the freshest innovations available. By leveraging Arkitech's prowess in tech development and strategy consulting with the branding expertise of Ark Ideas, we can transform any concept into a viable product or service, and confidently take it to market. Our longstanding relationships with investors, media outlets, and retailers allow us to offer our clients a vast, reliable network with proven results.


Switchboard is a proprietary tool that routes and monitors incoming call volume across multiple ad campaigns, allowing you to evaluate campaign success based on actual results, rather than intangible estimates. Our software harnesses the call data, breaks it down into a variety of easy-to-read platforms, and presents it for your analysis. A dashboard interface allows you to view the audience response to your ads by month, day, hour, area code, location, market, and more. This enables you to determine the efficiency of each ad in your campaign and adjust your marketing strategy on the fly. Switchboard's embedded call routing function, coupled with our intuitive tracking interface, serves as the perfect tandem for ensuring cost-effective ad management.

Ideas that work, come from working together

At Arkitech, we have all the resources intact to develop a finite game plan, outfit you with the sharpest technology, connect you to the proper industry leaders, position you in the market for maximum ROI, and keep you educated on the latest technological trends and resources. We take great pride in cultivating highly creative, personable relationships with our clients and delivering them full-service, multi-lateral consultation, from concept to strategy to initiation, and beyond.

Web Development

Arkitech develops custom, full-service websites for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our team creates database-driven sites that are sharp, intuitive, and easy to maintain, allowing your business to stay fresh and updated online, without requiring additional resources or manpower. We integrate key proprietary tools to simplify your business practices on the web, ensuring that your operations, workflow, and customer service are more streamlined and efficient than you ever thought possible. Through interactive design, site architecture, e-commerce, and intelligent web branding, Arkitech is able to provide modern, appealing solutions for all your online needs.

Web Hosting

At Arkitech, we provide secure, swift, and reliable web hosting to businesses large and small. Our application architecture is housed in multiple, geo-located data centers, each outfitted with the most secure and cutting-edge technologies available. A series of redundant force s50s deliver gigabit speeds to each server, while an inherent hardware load-balancing system distributes requests evenly for optimum celerity. Our servers are equipped with Xeon 5k series quad core processors and with Raid controlled SATA and SAS drives. Encrypted, bi-daily mysql back-ups guarantee safe storage, and live 24/7 monitoring ensures optimum security and accessibility for your end users. Lastly, our proprietary clustering system maximizes the speed and performance of your site, while multi-layer security shields provide intrusion detection and prevention at the application level.

Email Hosting

Arkitech's private label email allows for remote, streamlined management of messages, contacts, calendars, and tasks for your business, from any computer, anywhere. We offer both POP 3 and IMAP server capabilities, enabling you to sync your data with Outlook, mobile devices, and other wireless tools on the fly. Arkitech's multiple servers are load-balanced and backed-up nightly, so that your information is always secure and available to you when you need it. With outbound and inbound filters for spam and viruses, you can rest assured your inbox will remain uncluttered, and your computer free from harm.

All ideas are built upon improving previous ideas

With more than 50 developers globally, we specialize in all forms of tech development including LAMP, WAP, J2ME, VXML, LBS, YWE, SMS and MMS. Our multiple development teams with platform specific expertise and proven execution capabilities streamline the process and get your product to market faster.  With strong foundations in multiple technologies we are able to bring your application cross-platform and cross-client for maximum ROI.

Usability & Customer Experience

We offer expertise in menu structure including service categorization, shortcut layout, task flow, and navigation, as well as design and branding elements such as menu and application iconography, verbiage and industrial design. Arkitech also conducts periodic usability lab tests with our partners to better understand how consumers perceive different application interfaces. Arkitech also has pre-application certification on all Tier I and II carrier networks in North America and multiple technology partners with dedicated testing laboratories. Our wireless delivery includes API and integration support, short code registration and management for SMS and MMS delivery. We also offer our application architecture for building SMS advertisements, contests, and other forms of communications.

Every big idea comes from a small inspiration

Arkitech begins by analyzing your business challenge or opportunity and drawing up a comprehensive vision. We then introduce you to emerging technologies on various platforms and discuss the most ideal and profitable innovations for your business. Our team ensures that you are engaged throughout each phase of the development process, so that when our solutions are integrated, you can fully capitalize on the opportunities they provide.


If your company has a concept for a service or product, Arkitech will work with you in all stages of development, from architecture and design to testing and release control. We'll supply you with analysis of current markets and roadmaps, so that together we can find the most effective and affordable avenues as your concept moves forward. Lastly, we'll leverage our partnership with Ark Ideas to formulate a high-impact marketing strategy, and align you with industry leaders in advertising and retail for maximum brand exposure.

A good idea requires a leap of faith. Go for it!

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